“WOW!!! Best place! They go above and beyond and do exceptional work at great prices!”

Found this place on yelp, thought I’d try it out based on such positive reviews. Yelpers were right and then some! Expectations were easily exceeded!

The owner (Hiep) is friendly, genuine, helpful, and just fantastic!  He worked well with the insurance company, showed a lot of concern for fixing the car, fixed the car in a timely manner, and did a top notch job!  He gave me suggestions to save money, offered to pick me up to get the car when it was done, and cut down on labor fees so I could save money. He quotes more than fair prices and truly has his customer’s best interest in mind! He really is an honest guy who takes a lot of pride in his work!  I even overheard him call a rental car company for another customer so she wouldn’t have to wait long!

When I got the car back, it was washed and detailed – you can tell they treat your car with care. Also, there were other minor repairs done (scratches, some missing paint, etc.) that was done at no extra cost – my car looked like it was brand new!  They matched the color perfectly and you can’t even tell where the repairs were done!

Hiep and his staff have really earned the praise and positive comments on yelp! I will definitely be coming back for any other car repairs/needs. I honestly don’t think you can find a better place.
Take your car to H2 – you will get more than your money’s worth! read more>>


“Pictures speak volume, so I posted a couple before and after pics so you can see the end results.”

 Too bad Yelp has a limit on how big the pic can be (which is small).

Like most people here, I too went around getting quotes to get my 91 Nissan Sentra painted.  Most were in the $5k to $7K range – and they all ended saying, “You might want to go to Maacco”.  Really?  They’re recommending Maacco?  That right there tells me how good of a job they would have done.

I was curious to know why so many people gave 5 star ratings and rave reviews but posted no pics? I was skeptical, but I stopped by H2 a couple weeks ago for a quote.  Long story short, Hiep quoted me a price of $2k.  This included rolling the rear fender (so my tires wouldn’t scrape), removing dents and door dings, installing a new trunk spoiler, shaving/removing the radio antenna and painting the cowl & wiper blades near the windshield, and removing the ground effects kit & refit.

I am very impressed by their quality of work and their hospitality (I needed a ride home to pick up my other car when I dropped this one off; Hiep gave me a ride home) and courtesy of all their staff that I met.  I highly recommend H2 Auto Body if you’re in the need to get your car repainted.
BTW, it only took them about 7 business days to complete the work.    read more>>


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“These guys exceeded my expectations.” 

I brought my 2007 Toyota Rav4 in to get some touch up paint. The back bumper and parts of the hood where scratched pretty badly. They gave me a great price to buff out the whole car, touch up all the areas that needed it and clean it well. I didn’t pay for full repaint and he told me that it wouldn’t come out perfect since I wasn’t paying for a full repaint so my expectations weren’t too high.

When the job was complete I was impressed.  It wasn’t perfect but I knew that going in. However it was better than I expected. All of the bigger scratches were hardly noticeable anymore unless you stared at them from 6 inches away and the fine scratches were completely gone.  I was able to sell  the car for a great price because of their work!

I didn’t have a ride back home and they gave me a ride and picked me up the next day when the job was done.  They charged a great price and went above and beyond. I would use them again in a heartbeat. read more>>


Auto Body Repair Toyota

Auto Body Repair Toyota